Ford Sierra

1982-1993 of release

Repair and car operation

Ford Siyerra
- 1.2. Car identification
   1.3. Car lifting
   1.4. Towage
   1.5. Combination of devices
   1.6. Cowl
   1.7. Engine start
   1.8. Lighting and alarm system
   1.9. Replacement of bulbs
   1.10. Ventilation and salon heating
   1.11. Doors
   1.12. The hatch and a luggage carrier on a roof
   1.13. Seats and head restraints
   1.14. Mirrors
   1.15. Control bulb of a pristegivaniye of seat belts
   1.16. Wheel replacement
+ 2. Maintenance
+ 3. General data
+ 4. Engines
+ 5. Coupling
+ 6. Transmissions
+ 7. Driveshaft and back bridge
+ 8. Steering
+ 9. Suspension brackets
+ 10. Brake system
+ 11. Body
+ 12. Electric equipment

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1.16. Wheel replacement


Cars with a body of a berlin and the Sedan

To remove a covering of a trunk floor and the protective disk closing a spare wheel. This disk is kept by a latch which should be turned to the left on 1/8 turn.
The spare wheel is attached by a long bolt.
The jack is fixed on a back wall.

Cars with a body of Kombi

The spare wheel and jack are located in the heart of a luggage carrier in two offices closed by covers, withheld latches for which unblocking it is necessary to turn them on 1/4 turn.
The jack is located under a floor covering in a niche on the right side.


1. To establish the car on a firm horizontal surface.
2. To tighten the hand brake and to include a reverse gear.
3. In case replacement of a wheel is made on an inclined surface, it is necessary to prop up one of car wheels in addition to fix it, thus, from a possible skatyvaniye.
4. To get a spare wheel; a jack and a key for bolts of fastening of wheels.
5. By means of a screw-driver to remove a decorative cap from a removed wheel.
6. Before a raising of the car to weaken bolts of fastening of a wheel.
7. To insert the jack lever as it is possible more deeply in the place provided for it in a body near a replaced wheel (And – deepening in the lower part of a body, In – an opening).
8. To incline the top part of a jack as it is possible closer to a body and rotating the handle to lift the car.
9. To unscrew bolts and to remove a wheel.
10. To establish a spare wheel and to screw up fastening bolts.
11. To lower the car, to take a jack and to tighten bolts "on a cross" the corresponding moment.
12. To establish a decorative cap on a wheel disk.
13. To put back in a luggage carrier a jack, a key for bolts of wheels and the removed wheel.